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Welcome to the Metropolitan Community College Wireless Help pages

The MCC wireless system is a secure system available to MCCstudents and employees. All you need to login is your user name and password you use for network access.

IMPORTANT: Never share your MCC username and password!!!!

Your MCC username and password is assigned to you for important MCC services. If you loan your credentials out to help someone get connected to the wireless system they could then also log in as you to Metrolink, Blackboard, and more. Also, you can be held responsible for any actions done under your credentials.

The MCC wireless system uses PEAP, which creates an encrypted tunnel before you are even allowed login so it is very secure. After you get logged in you will also be using an encrypted secure link to the access point that is not shared with any other users. This means you can browse the internet and use blackboard on a secure connection. Each user will dynamically recieve a unique security key (for encryption) and this key will change every few minutes. This is different from an open or insecure system in which all information from your computer is broadcast unencrypted so that anyone within range can "listen in". This means someone listening and grabbing the network packets can instantly know almost everything you are doing on that connection. This includes user names and passwords, account numbers, any sites visited, the images you are viewing, and anything typed on a web page or instant message. We wanted the ability to offer a safer way to use the wireless network than traditional "open" systems.

To get started use the links above in the "Help Topics" table to find the best page for your computer. There are many many different combinations of hardware and software. We might not be able to have a dedicated page that matches your hardware/software combination. If you don't see anything that helps, please check out the "General Wireless Info" page for all the specific info needed to get connected.