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Windows XP Instructions

The folowing instructions are for the Wireless client (supplicant) that comes with Windows XP sp1 or newer. Some wireless cards will overide this client and install their own proprietary client or supplicant. In most cases, you can tell Windows to manage the wireless card for you. If you have Windows set to manage your wireless you can set up a profile for MCC-Wireless with the following steps.


Step 1: Find your Wireless network icon that is by your clock and right click on it to bring up the menu. When the menu comes up, select "View Available Wireless Networks" .



Step 2: When A window labeled "Wireless Network Connection" comes up, click the "Change Advanced Settings" options in the menu on the left. This will cause the window to change to the Wireless Connection Properties window. Just click on the "Wireless Networks" tab. Do NOT try to connect to MCC-Wireless without first manually creating a profile. If you try to connect without manually creating a profile you might run into issues, because of a couple automatic login options Windows uses by default.


Step 3: Create a MCC-Wireless Profile. Click the Add button, and use "MCC-Wireless" for the network name. This is case sensitive, so make sure MCC-W are all uppercase. The preferred authentication method is WPA2 and AES encription. This system also supports WPA and TKIP, but this is less secure. If you do not see a the options for WPA2 and AES you might try the Microsoft patch as detailed HERE. Not all hardware supports WPA2 and AES so you may not see the options even after installing the MS patch.


Step 4: After you click the properties button under the authentication tab you will see a window labeled "Protected EAP Properties". Make sure there is NOT an checkmark next to "Validate server certificates". You DO want a checkmark next to "Enable Fast Reconnect". After these two items are set need to click configure next to the "Select Authentication Method". When the little "EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties" window comes up make sure there is no check mark in the only option available.

Step 5: Click Ok on all of the properties windows to close them. Windows should then show you a balloon pop-up down by your clock. Click this balloon and you should be presented with the window that will allow you to put in your username and password. Your user name and password is the same as you use for network access. Both the user name and password fields are case sensitive. Be sure to leave the domain field blank. If your password ever changes you will have to delete the MCC-Wireless profile, restart the comptuer (to allowe the cached info to be erased) and then recreate your MCC-Wireless profile.


Let it work for a little bit and you should be finished and connected at this point. If you want to verify your connection status you can hold the mouse over your wireless icon by the clock. A small popup will tell your connection status. Also, you can right click on the same icon and click "View Available Wireless networks" to see your connection status.