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Windows 8 Instructions


Step 1: Right click on your Internet Access icon (Computer Monitor) and left click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”.


Step 2: Click on “Setup a network connection or network”.


Step 3: Click on “Manually connect to wireless network”



Step 4:

Network name: MCC-Wireless
Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Security Key:             
Check: “Start this connection automatically”
Check: “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting”
Click on “Next”.



Step 5: Click on “Change connection settings”.



Step 6:

Check: “Connect automatically when this network is in range”
Uncheck: “Look for other wireless networks while connected to this network”
Check:  “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID)”
Click on “OK”.


Step 7:

Security type: “WPA2-Enterprise”
Encryption type: “AES”
Choose a network authentication method: “Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)”
Check: “Remember my credentials for this connection each time I’m logged on” Click on “Advanced Settings”.


Step 8:

Check: “specify authentication mode:” and select “User authentication from the drop down”. Then click OK.



Step 9:

Click on “Advanced Settings”.


Uncheck: “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certicate”
Select Authentication Method: “Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)”
Check: “Enable Fast Reconnect”
Click on “Configure…”.



Step 10: Uncheck: “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any).”



Step 11: Click on “OK” or “X” to exit out of all of the wireless setup windows.


Step 12: Click on Network Access icon to see a list of Wireless networks.



Step 13: Click on “MCC-Wireless”.


Step 14:

Check: “Connect automatically”
Click on “Connect”.

Step 15:

Enter your MCC username.  E####### or S#######
Enter your MCC password.


Step 16: You should now be connected. To verify, click on the Network Access icon to see your wireless options. You should see "Connected" as well as a signal strength icon next to "MCC-Wireless