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Windows Vista Instructions:






Step 1: Find the networking icon that looks like a couple of computer monitors. Right click on this icon to pull up the following menu. Alternatively, you can click on the Networking and Sharing Center icon in the Control Panel.

Step 2: Click on "Network and Sharing Center".


Step 3: After the Network and Sharing center window pops up click on "Manage wireless networks".


Step 4: Click the "Add" button circled in the following screenshot:

Step 5: In this window click "Manually create a Network Profile". This has to be done manually to turn off a couple of automatic features in windows:

Step 6: In the next window there are three important settings. Next to "Network Name" be sure to but in "MCC-Wireless". This field is case sensitive. The Security Type should read "WPA2-Enterprise" or "WPA-Enterprise". Please choose "WPA2-Enterprise if it is available. Encryption type should be "AES". If AES is not available you can use TKIP, but AES is preferred. There is no Security Key/Passphrase because you are going to log in with your Student or Employee ID later.

Step 7: Almost done. After clicking next in the above screenshot you will get another window asking you to connect or to change the settings for MCC-Wireless. Since we have to turn off a couple of automatic windows features be sure to click "Change connection settings".

Step 8: This will pull up the properties windows. Click on the security tab. Under "Choose a network authentication method" it should read "Protected EAP (PEAP)". Then click the settings button.

Step 9: When the Protected EAP properties window pops up make sure there is NO check mark next to validate server certificate. Make sure that "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAPv2) is selected under the network authentication method section . Then click configure. In the little EAP MSCHAPv2 properties window make sure that there is NO check mark so that Windows does NOT automatically use your windows login and password to log into the wireless network.

Step 10: Click OK on the windows above to close them. At this point you should see a pop-up window connected to that icon by the clock that looks like two computer monitors. Just click on this balloon pop-up. Now you should have a new window labeled Enter Credentials. Put in the same username and password you use for network access. Once you get successfully logged in Windows will "cache" or remember your credentials and log in to the wireless network automatically every time you are in range. If your password ever changes you will have to delete and recreate your MCC-Wireless profile. You can also change the way windows remembers your credential by taking the check mark out of the "cache user information..." window in step 8. Taking that checkmark will cause windows to ask you for your username/password everytime you try to connect to MCC-Wireless.


At this point you should be connected. You can verify this by looking at your icon by the clock. If you are connected you it will have added a litle globe to the corner of the icon. You can also check your Network and Sharing center for your connection status.